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At Fidelis K9 Training our team of Specialists wants to deliver the best service and safety with your dog companion in mind.  Does your dog surf the counters when you’re not looking, dart out of the house when the front door is opened, bark incessantly at the neighbor walking their dog?  We can help.

Fidelis K9 Training is committed to delivering quality dog training and care at an affordable price.  We listen to our clients and train to not only our clients needs, but to the obtainable ability of the dog using various techniques and training styles.

We know your dog is your family.   We want your dog to be the friend that you can trust on all your life adventures, even if that adventure is right in your own living room!  We believe building a strong bond with your dog is essential in training success.  Learn the skills your dog needs to become your best friend.


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Client Testimonials

Great facility and great people. We brought our puppy and older dog in for training and help with them getting along. Patrick did a great job helping the dogs and I think they will be friends sooner than later. Thank you Patrick!

Jessika Myers

Great training by great people!
Fidelis always puts the dog first and educates the owner on how to train and continue evolving into a better owner and companion. Patrick builds a bond and earns the dogs trust and respect before he even starts training. He also helps owners understand dog thinking and reaction. I appreciate every minute the guys at Fidelis have spent with my pup Gus. They continue to provide guidance and advice, especially when things get hard, this is priceless in my opinion.
I will continue to promote Fidelis as I believe they are top-notch and I’m happy my pup continues to have the opportunity to train with Patrick.

Alishia Hokulani Simon

I found Patrick on Find it in Folsom where I asked and people responded. Very happy to have found this training program. My dog is responding well after 1 visit. Reasonably priced and a very nice gentleman and a Marine!! I would highly recommend you using this service and your pooch will be happy too! I own the Husky!

Vicki Romero Maratas

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