Is your puppy ready to explore the great outdoors?

Walking your puppy for the first time is often harder than most beginner dog owners would expect. Puppies who aren’t used to the leash or outside noise can be fidgety and anxious. Your puppy may either pull at its leash or not move at all.

As with any basic dog trick, you can teach your puppy to walk on a leash the right way. Dog training in Sacramento is crucial for their safety and other dogs and humans around them.

This article covers some great tips on teaching your puppy to walk on a leash. Read on to discover more!

Introducing the Collar and Leash

Dog training should start as early as 4-6 weeks old. This allows you to address bad habits before they even form.

The first step is to introduce your puppy to a collar and leash. These accessories should be comfortable – not too distracting or heavy for your puppy.

You want your puppy to associate walking with fun and games. So, prepare some of their favorite treats and loads of affection. After all, what is dog training without some rewards and positive reinforcement?

Teaching Your Puppy to Heel

Heeling is one of the most universal and basic dog tricks you’ll learn in puppy classes in Sacramento. Heeling teaches your dog to stay at your side, walk at your pace, and stop when you tell them to. This is a great way to keep your dog nearby and perfect for loose-leash or off-leash walks.

Using the command heel allows you to reinforce the idea of walking on a leash. Teach your puppy to heel by luring them to your preferred side with a treat. Reward them and practice stationary and walking heels.

Test Your Puppy Outside

Put your puppy and all those dog training classes to the test by taking your puppy outside. This also exposes your puppy to various outside noise and teach them to stay calm regardless of their surroundings. Outside walks will also teach you, as a dog owner, to control your dog while walking outside.

It’s only natural for your puppy to want to explore all the new scents and sounds. To prevent overwhelming your puppy, keep your first walks outside brief. Always remember to reward good behavior after.

Correcting Bad Habits

It’s normal to face challenges when puppy training in Sacramento. Walking on a leash is not only a learning experience for your puppy but also for you. What’s important is how you address bad habits when you see them.

If your puppy pulls in a different direction, stand still and don’t move again until your puppy comes to you. Don’t drag your dog or jerk the leash. If they start lunging at something, redirect their attention with treats.

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