Almost 40 percent of Americans own at least one dog. And while many of us would like a dog that listens and behaves, that is likely not the case! You need a dog trainer in Rancho Cordova to make a difference!

Reasons for puppy classes in Rancho Cordova include having a dog that misbehaves, is aggressive, and barks excessively. Dog obedience training in Rancho Cordova will help solve these problems!

Here are five reasons to use dog obedience training in Sacramento or Rancho Cordova. 

1. Misbehaving

Several things a dog trainer in Sacramento will recognize with dogs misbehaving include chewing furniture or making a mess in the house. Other behavioral issues include constant jumping or excessive licking.

Puppy training in Sacramento might also discover misbehaving, such as dogs that run away or constantly biting. Misbehaving might also include dogs consistently chasing after things.

2. Aggressiveness

As many as 70 percent of dogs are aggressive toward other dogs and people. Serious injury could happen if you don’t take action. A dog trainer in Sacramento can help reduce aggressiveness and make your dog calmer. 

Dog training in Sacramento or a K9 trainer in Rancho Cordova will use techniques to stop food aggression. Dogs can become territorial over their food. Puppy training in Sacramento helps your dog avoid lashing out at dogs and people when being fed.

3. Excessive Barking

Excessive barking can be a problem for you, your neighbors, the mailman – even your other pets. A dog trainer in Sacramento will deliver structured training.

Some people might think shock collars are the answer, but dog obedience training in Sacramento will show you otherwise.

4. Not Listening to Commands

Does your dog not listen to commands, such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ or ‘lay down?’ If you’re struggling with the basics, a dog trainer in Sacramento can help. 

Puppy training in Sacramento will use reinforcing behavior and treats to help them understand such commands. Dog obedience training in Sacramento will also show you non-food rewards. Moreover, you’ll learn why punishment is not always the best answer.

5. Anxiety 

Dogs suffer from anxiety for several reasons, including abusive homes and separation from a previous owner. Your dog might urinate on the floor or whine because of this issue. 

Dog obedience training in Sacramento can help your dog build self-confidence. Raising a dog’s morale or self-assurance helps to calm their fears about being alone. 

Five Signs You Need a Dog Trainer in Rancho Cordova 

Five signs you need a dog trainer in Rancho Cordova include if your dog misbehaves or is aggressive. In addition, you’ll need puppy training classes in Sacramento for excessive barking, not listening to commands or anxiety. 

Contact us today, and let us help you train your dog. Our experts know the best techniques and have the proper training skills to give your dog the training it needs. Give them the help they need to be a loving and caring family member for their entire lifetime!