About US


What are we, who are we, and why we do what we do.

For 16 years now I have found that dogs fill the void in me that I’ve struggled to fill. When one separates from Service under honorable conditions you find yourself empty. Empty because your entire life as a Marine was controlled. Your best of friends who became Brothers know matter your background or color were gone.

The more I searched the more I spoke with others, I realized I was not alone. That is when I wanted to use my love of the Marine Corps, fellow honorable Veterans and dogs to build faithful relationships on the out side.

I chose Fidelis K9 as our name about 14 years ago now. At that time it was just a crazy idea. Fidelis coming from our Motto “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful) so Fidelis K9 meaning Faithful dog was everything I wanted to build.

As word spread of us helping Veterans with dogs I started getting phone calls to help others. And that’s where we are now.

Covid hit, sold construction company and have not looked back. I’m extremely thankful to so many of you who have put your trust in us.

We’re not some big fancy dog babysitting facility. We build Companion dogs. Our Goal is to build a well rounded family companion that you won’t want to leave home. Your dog will be your family member. Camping, quick trip to the hardware store, brewery, Sunday Brunch etc. Our Growing happy clientele speaks for themselves.

I love what I do and so will you.

Patrick Smith
Fidelis K9 Companions
Fidelis K9 Training

How our Fidelis K9 Companion program works?

  • We do not train service dogs, we train companion dogs.
  • Our goal is to train a well-rounded social happy companion for our Families.

How Donation Dogs Work?

  • Each scenario has been different. If we have a donation in the works, a vetted Veteran waiting and the Veteran can handle fostering along with committing to training along side us we will consider.
  • Unfortunately we get calls and messages everyday of families wanting to donate and surrender but we just can’t house them all.

How You Can Support Fidelis K9 Companions

  • Training with us!
  • Donations of gently used training equipment. This allows us to set a family up if needed.
  • Financial donation is always a blessing. Fidelis K9 Training was started and opened up to everyone to help cover the cost. Little did we know the impact we would make In 4.5 short months.