About US


What are we, who are we, and why we do what we do.

You know how they say a dog is a man’s best friend? At Fidelis K9 we believe not only is a dog a man’s best friend he’s also a companion and is in tune to emotion and life sometimes more than a human friend. After honorably separating from the marine corps in 1999, the owner, Patrick Smith found he was missing that companionship his fellow marines gave during time of service. He quickly realized getting a family dog helped alleviate some of that sadness of missing his friends. His discipline in the military came in handy while training his dog Ledoux. And from there the love of training dogs began.

We have spent the last several years learning alongside some of the best trainers gaining skills, and knowledge to be our very best. Now almost 3 years ago, we were given the opportunity to open this business, which we fondly named Fidelis K9 training. With Patrick’s love of the marine Corps where the motto is semper Fidelis meaning always faithful and his love of dogs gave us the name Fidelis k9 “faithful dog”

Our goal is to assist you in training to get the “faithful dog” and companion that we have spent time learning to do and have experienced ourselves through our own family dogs.