Fidelis Training Program

Faithfulness Start with a Strong Bond

K9 Training

Five Step Program

Our goal here at Fidelis is to build a well rounded, social, happy, obedient family dog. At the end of your personalized custom package, we believe your dog will have all the qualities it takes to pass the test and be registered with AKC as a Canine Good Citizen. This Program will take dedication and teamwork between Fidelis and your family.

Step One:


Step Two:

Private Lessons

Step Three:

– Basic obedience Foundation Course –

2 Weeks (10 days consecutively)

Goals: Focus, Lease, Sit, Down, Stay, Recall, Doors, Heal

Step Four:

– Handler and K9 Together –

Climb the ranks as a team

Fire Team Course (AKC CGC)

Step Five:

Testing for AKC Canine Good Citizen

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