Fidelis Training Program

Faithfulness Start with a Strong Bond


Group Classes are a great way for you and your dog to receive training and practice.  While under direction and supervision of our Training Specialists. New environments and distractions will bring another level to your obedience goals.   Learn from your fellow peers and get your dog some time with other furry friends!  


10 – 1 hour classes









Every Wednesday night from 5-6pm we open up our facility for puppies who are fully vaccinated and ready for some social time with their furry friends.  This is a great and safe way to get your puppy exposed to fellow pups, other owners, and environments. These are all important components for building a well rounded and confident dog.

Cost is $20 per class




K9 Training

The Partnership package

How our Partnership Packages work:

We work side by side with you and your dog. Bring a training concern to our experienced Fidelis staff, and during your first private session, we’ll consult and show you hands-on training techniques. You’ll leave with the confidence to train and practice with your pup for that specific goal.
During each private session we re-address issues and work toward the ideal Partnership you’ve always wanted to create with your dog.

The Companion package

How our Companion Packages work:

This is for the client who wants that all around obedient and confident family dog. The kind of dog you can trust on walks, and can leave alone around a kitchen counter full of food! We work side by side with you and your dog. In your first private session, we’ll show you the hands-on training techniques your pup will learn during their time with Fidelis. You’ll leave with the confidence to train and practice with your pup creating a bond and having fun too. During the drop-off training days, your dog will be in our care for the full day at the Fidelis K9 Training Facility. We will work toward the goals of the package you have purchased. At your Group Classes you can expose your dog to other pups that are learning too. You’ll be able to address issues or correct training while in a supervised and energetic environment. We think you’ll agree that training with your favorite furry friend helps them to become the true companion your dog wants to be..